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    Tiger Team is a television show aired by CourtTV (now TruTV) in 2007. The series closely follows a penetration testing team on their engagements as they evaluate security of high profile targets. In the first episode of the series, the Tiger Team performs the security assessment of Symbolic Motors, an exotic car dealership near San Diego, CA.

    During the initial recon stage, the team finds the most likely way to enter the building without getting noticed is a small skylight on the roof in the area around the office. A quick dumpster diving session uncovers the name of the IT service company used by the dealership which will become useful later.

    With enough information gather during the recon stage, the team is ready to gather additional intelligence by posing as a potential customer and photographing building cameras and motion sensors. At the same time the team enters the back office and installs a wireless camera watching the alarm keypad by posing as a computer technician.

    Finally the team analyzes gathered intelligence on the target and prepares for the heist. They enter the dealership through the skylight. Interestingly the team recognizes the importance of sensitive information in additional to the obvious collection of luxury cars. With the security code previously recorded on the wireless camera, Tiger Team easily disables building security and take off in a brand new Lotus.


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