• Released December 25th, 2007
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    In the second episode of CourtTV's original television series Tiger Team a team of security professionals break into an exclusive jeweler in Beverly Hills.

    For the recon stage of the engagement, the team decides to pose as reporters from a celebrity magazine to get inside the building. Upon arrival to the offices, the team asks a secretary to insert an infected flash drive using the cover story of needing a document printed out. Immediately after the flash drive was inserted into the office computer, a remote team member started browsing computer contents such as private emails, financial records as well as security code. During the fake magazine interview, the team social engineered information personal, company and other sensitive information.

    With enough information gathered about the place, it was clear that the only way to break into the jeweler was through the front door. The office entrance was protected by an RFID system so the team devised a plan to clone the owner's access card with a portable RFID reader. One of the team members simply waved the reader near the owner's wallet to get full access to the office.

    At this point the team has obtained plenty of information about security systems, cameras, motion sensors and had access to alarm codes as well as the access card to the front door. Tiger Team has entered the office with no trouble, but then suddenly an alarm went off when they were trying to bypass a door sensor. However, the alarm was quickly disabled since the team knew the security code for the alarm. With complete freedom to walk around the office the team proceeded to break into a keypad protected safe. The combination was easy to guess as it matched the owner's daughter's birthday. As a going away message, the team took a polaroid picture of themselves wearing plenty of diamonds around their necks.


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