• simstimtelevision

    the day of the technopath

    A documentary on the emerging threats to the computer security in the 1980s. The documentary explores popular viruses and computer intrusions of the era. Read more.

    american greed - cybercrime

    American Greed - Cybercrime episode about carding and the crimes of Max Ray Butler. Read more.

    tiger team - 24 karat caper

    In the second episode of CourtTV's original television series Tiger Team a team of security professionals break into a jeweler office serving Hollywood's elite. Read more.

    tiger team - the car dealership takedown

    In the pilot episode of CourtTV's original television series Tiger Team a team of security professionals steal a car from a dealership. Read more.

    mtv - i'm a hacker

    MTV featured "I'm a Hacker" on its True Life series. A number of teen hackers were featured discussing their exploits. After the episode aired in 1999, one of the filmed hackers (shamrock) revealed that he intentionally misrepresented his exploits in order to hoax MTV. Read more.

    net cafe - hackers

    The 1996 episode of Net Cafe we look at the hacker culture and their influence on the early growth of the internet. Guests include Dan Farmer, author of SATAN and COPS; Eliaz Levi (aka Aleph 1), webmaster of and Bugtraq; also "Omega" and "White Knight" from Cult of the Dead Cow. Read more.

    computer chronicles - computer security

    A 1984 episode of Computer Chronicles covers computer security concerns of the time. This episode covers a simple database dialup, WarGames, and a few security tips. Read more.

    unsolved mysteries - kevin poulsen

    Infamous episode of unsolved mysteries featuring Keving Poulsen. Strangely all telephone circuits going to the show studio with potential tips went dead when this show first aired. This show led to eventual arrest of Kevin Poulsen near Hughes Market. Read more.

    digital desperado

    CNN Time interview with Justin Petersen aka Agent Steal. Justin was an FBI informant. He helped the FBI to build criminal cases against Kevin Poulsen and later Kevin Mitnick. He caused a controversy when the FBI turned a blind eye on Agent Steal's continued hacking and credit card fraud activities even when working as an informant. Eventually he became a fugitive when his former associate, Ron Austin, sent implicating information to the FBI. Read more.

    the code room - breaking into vegas

    This episode of The Code Room TV series shows a team of well known security experts in a fictional account of casino hacking. SQL Injection and Session Hijacking attacks are illustrated. Read more.