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    oracle authentication

    Oracle Authentication process requires users to provide correct username, password, database hostname, and instance name (SID). Read more.

    oracle default ports

    Oracle Database is a complex system requiring a large number of services running on a single system. This article attempts to enumerate common Oracle services and associated network ports found on live systems. Read more.

    oracle tns protocol

    Oracle's proprietary TNS (Transparent Network Substrate) protocol is used to interact with Oracle's RDBMS. In this article you will learn about different TNS packet types and their structure. Read more.

    oracle database commands

    Useful Oracle PL/SQL commands: Read more.

    oracle rdbms

    Oracle Database or RDBMS (Object-Relational Database Management System) is a complex system for storage and retrieval of relational data. In this article you will learn the basic architecture of the Oracle Databases as well as common attacks against it. Read more.

    oracle tns listener

    Oracle Listener serves as a main communication point for the database. It provides necessary abstraction to host's transport protocols in order to allow Oracle's higher level session protocols to function across multiple platforms. This article covers different commands used to interact with the TNS Listener as well as common attacks against it. Read more.