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    DateAugust 27th, 2011

    Prints a list of IP addresses belonging to Tor nodes by querying a local Tor client. This script was designed to demonstrate the use of TorCtl library to control a Tor client using the Tor control protocol.

    Getting TorCtl

    Before you can use this script, you must obtain the Python TorCtl library. The library provides a programmatic interface to the Tor client control port. Using this library you can send commands, parse responses, and deliver events to and from the control port.

    You can get the latest development version as follows:

    git clone git://

    Running Tor Nodes

    To run Tor Nodes script simply copy the source file to the TorCtl directory above and run the source file:

    $ python

    You can adjust the behavior of the script to output additional information about the Tor nodes by editing the source. For example, in order to obtain router port and nickname edit the print orouter.ip line to something like this:

    print "%s:%s (%s)" % (router.ip, router.orport, router.nickname)

    The new output should look something like this: (Reno) (cryptoplasmagondii) (torrelay389752132) (siasl) (zeller) (Unnamed) (Unnamed) (blabla) (Zwiebelschale) (godzilla) (Evey) (lavalledemisterios) (Tor1HazaFi) (Comet82) (Beaver)


    16 jan
    2600 magazine article

    My article on the Tor control protocol was published in the Winter 2009-2010 issue of the 2600 Magazine. Read more.

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    Tor implements a highly customizable control protocol which can be used to tune almost all aspects of its operation. In this article you will learn how to fine tune Tor client's operation, query runtime information, as well as create circuits of arbitrary size. Read more.

    tor autocircuit

    Download tor-autocircuit-0.2.tar.gz
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