• projectsOrapass DES

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    DateFebruary 21st, 2009

    Orapass-DES implements Oracle's older DES-based password hashing algorithm.


    Let's trace through the algorithm with the username "tiger" and the password "scott":

    1. Concatenate the username and the password to produce a plaintext string

    2. Convert the plaintext string to uppercase characters

    3. Convert the plaintext string to multi-byte storage format; ASCII characters have the high byte set to 0x00

    4. Encrypt the plaintext string (padded with 0s if necessary to the next even block length) using the DES algorithm in cipher block chaining (CBC) mode with a fixed key value of 0x0123456789ABCDEF;

       * Initialize DES with IV:  0000000000000000
       * Initialize DES with KEY: 0123456789ABCDEF
       * Padded plaintext: 0054004900470045005200530043004f0054005400000000
       * DES(plaintext) = 527acbc01a49c057e854df3104789ce7801be7920d69f719
    5. Encrypt the plaintext string again with DES-CBC, but using the last block of the output of the previous step (ignoring parity bits) as the encryption key.

       * Initialize DES with IV:  0000000000000000
       * Initialize DES with KEY: 801be7920d69f719
       * Padded plaintext: 0054004900470045005200530043004f0054005400000000
       * DES(plaintext) = 293c787182d03d85fa6cee1db032e2c69d45cd92d876e247
    6. The last block of the output is converted into a printable string to produce the password hash value.



    Usage of the script is very straightforward simply provide username and password as parameters to get an 8-byte hash output.

    ./ tiger scott


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