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    open security training - introduction to software exploits - off-by-one

    A walkthrough for the Off-by-One exploit in the Open Security Training - Introduction to Software Exploits class. Read more.

    open security training - introduction to software exploits - uninitialized variable overflow

    Open Security Training's Introduction to Software Exploits course has a number of vulnerability examples designed to illustrate unconventional exploitation techniques. One such example is an uninitialized variable condition which may be exploitable under certain conditions. The following walkthrough goes into the exact exploitation steps for this class of vulnerabilities. Read more.

    ida sploiter

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    DateSeptember 14th, 2014

    IDA Sploiter is a plugin for Hex-Ray's IDA Pro disassembler designed to enhance IDA's capabilities as an exploit development and vulnerability research tool. Some of the plugin's features include a powerful ROP gadgets search engine, semantic gadget analysis and filtering, interactive ROP chain builder, stack pivot analysis, writable function pointer search, cyclic memory pattern generation and offset analysis, detection of bad characters and memory holes, and many others. Read more.

    corelan - tutorial 10 - exercise solution

    A solution to an exercise in Corelan Tutorial 10 on writing DEP and ASLR bypassing exploits. The solution illustrates grabbing leaked kernel32 address from memory, calculating an offset to VirtualProtect() and at last setting up a ROP chain to make a memory location with shellcode executable. Read more.

    corelan - tutorial 9 - exercise solution

    A solution to a small exercise in Corelan's Tutorial 9 on writing Windows 32-bit shellcode. The solution illustrates some techniques in removing null-bytes from a sample shellcode as well as a few tricks to keep the shellcode modular and easy to modify. Read more.

    corelan - integer overflows - exercise solution

    A solution to the exercise in the Corelan article Root Cause Analysis - Integer Overflows on exploiting integer and heap overflows. The solution illustrates massaging the heap into a vulnerable state by corrupting the Windows front-end allocator and finally exploiting it to gain arbitrary code execution. Read more.

    open security training - introduction to re - bomb lab secret phase

    A walkthrough for the Secret Phase of the Bomb Lab covered in Open Security Training's Introduction to Reverse Engineering class. Read more.

    heap overflows for humans - 102 - exercise solution

    Heap Overflows For Humans is a series of articles by Steven Seeley that explore heap exploitation on Windows. In this article I will go over the exact reasoning and exploitation steps for an exercise created by Steven in the second article of the series. Read more.

    exploit exercises - protostar - final levels

    Exploit Exercises' Protostar wargame includes a number of carefully prepared exercises to help hone your basic exploitation skills. The final portion of the wargame combines Stack, Format String, Heap, and Network exploitation techniques into three excellent challenges to help solidify knowledge gained from previous exercises. Read more.


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    DateNovember 6th, 2014

    DNSChef is a highly configurable DNS Proxy for Penetration Testers and Malware Analysts. It is capable of fine configuration of which DNS replies to modify or to simply proxy with real responses.

    Version 0.3 introduces support for more DNS record types, DNSSEC, logging, more configurable remote nameservers, support for the updated dnslib library and several bug fixes.

    Version 0.2 introduces IPv6 support, large number of new DNS record types, custom ports and other frequently requested features. Read more.