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    DateJanuary 27th, 2010

    GeoIP2KML is a simple script to convert GeoIP data to Google Earth KML format. The script was built to aid in visualization of world's IP distribution.

    GeoIP Database

    Before you can begin generating Google Earth maps, you must first obtain a GeoIP database. One such freely available database is the GeoLiteCity database distributed by Maxmind. The GeoIP2KML supports a CSV version of the database which can be downloaded here:


    Once you download and unzip the GeoLiteCity database you should have GeoLiteCity-Blocks.csv and GeoLiteCity-Location.csv files.

    Running GeoIP2KML

    Place GeoLiteCity-Blocks.csv and GeoLiteCity-Location.csv files in the same directory as the script and run the following command to generate KML file for the entire US. Please, note that the first time you execute GeoIP2KML it will first generate a utility database GeoLiteCity-Ids.csv to make future queries faster as shown below.

    $ perl geoip2kml.pl -o us.kml -f US
    [!!!] I did not detect GeoLiteCity-Ids.csv file!
    [ * ] Generating GeoLiteCity-Ids.csv (it might take awhile)...
    [ * ] Done loading, now sorting 313485 elements
    0 - 
    100000 - 1393486548-1393486551|1597218128-1597218135|
    200000 - 991963288-991963295|
    300000 - 
    [ * ] Loading GeoLiteCity database...
    [ * ] Finished loading 313485 elements
    [ * ] Generating KML file...
    [ * ] Generated 57018 listings

    Now simply open the file in Google Earth and enjoy the view!

    Every green placemark represents an IP space assigned to that location. By clicking on any one of the placemarks, you will be presented with a popup dialog containing a list of all IP ranges.

    In case you want to see the GeoIP map of US now, just download it here



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    DateJanuary 27th, 2010

    Opte2KML converts Opte Project database of Internet backbones to Google Earth KML format Read more.


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