• sprawllatest

    bbs: the documentary

    A historical documentary on the subject of BBSs and the underground culture of the 1980s. The documentary includes more than 200 interviews with some of the most influential figures of the BBS era. It is split up into 8 sections ranging from BBS Artscene and FidoNet to Hacking/Phreaking/Anarchy/Cracking underground. Read more.

    in the realm of the hackers

    A documentary about Australian hacker scene in the 1980s. It primarily focuses on the exploits of two hackers going by the names of Electron and Phoenix. NASA's WANK work infection is covered in great length. The documentary also covers the introduction of first computer laws in Australia and subsequent arrests of Electron and Phoenix. Read more.

    hippies from hell

    This documentary covers Dutch hackers namely organizations such as xs4all, Hippies from Hell, HackTic, and TOOL lockpicking club. Read more.

    the kgb, the computer and me

    Based on Clifford Stoll's book "The Cuckoo's Egg", this documentary re-enacts a story of a Lawrence Lab astronomer and his quest to track down the reason behind a minuscule discrepancy in accounting. Clifford Stoll plays as himself. Read more.

    computer chronicles - computer security

    A 1984 episode of Computer Chronicles covers computer security concerns of the time. This episode covers a simple database dialup, WarGames, and a few security tips. Read more.


    Stunnel allows a user to tunnel any TCP based application protocol through a connection secured by TLS/SSL. Read more.


    OpenSSL is an open-source TLS/SSL toolkit implemented for a variety of platforms. In this article you will learn several openssl client and server commands useful in working with TLS/SSL protocol. Read more.

    decrypting tls/ssl traffic with wireshark

    Wireshark is capable of decrypting TLS/SSL traffic. This article will discuss the required conditions necessary for the decryption and walk you through the exact steps. Read more.