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    exploit exercises - protostar - stack levels

    Exploit Exercises' Protostar wargame includes a number of carefully prepared exercises to help hone your basic exploitation skills. In this walkthrough I will go over the stack exploitation portion of the wargame. Read more.

    open security training - introduction to software exploits - uninitialized variable overflow

    Open Security Training's Introduction to Software Exploits course has a number of vulnerability examples designed to illustrate unconventional exploitation techniques. One such example is an uninitialized variable condition which may be exploitable under certain conditions. The following walkthrough goes into the exact exploitation steps for this class of vulnerabilities. Read more.

    open security training - introduction to software exploits - off-by-one

    A walkthrough for the Off-by-One exploit in the Open Security Training - Introduction to Software Exploits class. Read more.

    open security training - introduction to re - bomb lab secret phase

    A walkthrough for the Secret Phase of the Bomb Lab covered in Open Security Training's Introduction to Reverse Engineering class. Read more.

    nlxx crackme solution has a nice of collection crackmes, fun and educational challenges useful for honing your reversing skills. Looking at the latest submissions section there was a recently published Crackme by nlxx rated at difficulty 2. In this guide I will go over the static analysis based solution to this crackme and explain how to write a key generator. Read more.

    open security training - introductory x86 - buffer overflow mystery box

    A walkthrough for the Mystery Box Buffer Overflow challenge in the Open Security Training - Introductory x86 class. Read more.

    12 dec
    isec open forum bay area

    It feels like the infosec community in the Bay Area is just getting warmed up toward the end of the year with another quarterly iSec Open Forum. As a small and local security event, it usually hosts novel security topics from local security professionals that may not appear in more mainstream events. After getting to the talks area at the end of a long hall with folks from Dropbox zooming by on their skateboards and razorblades, I found an infosec crowd of about a hundred or so people ready to learn and connect.

    Below are my notes from the event: Read more.

    08 dec
    baythreat 4 - day two

    After a great day of hanging out with old and new friends all while getting inspired to start breaking/researching anything ranging from 50 year old behemoths to Internet enabled light bulbs, I raced down peninsula to the epicenter of Bay Area's security community at Hacker Dojo. Baythreat Day Two has begun.

    In a terrible miscalculation of a sleeping schedule I have regretfully missed several morning talks; however, below are the writeups of another series of excellent presentations from the breaker track for the remainder of the day. Read more.