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    hackers: outlaws and angels

    A Discovery Channel documentary on the outlaws and angels of the Internet covers a wide range of white hat hackers and computer security industry representatives. In this documentary you will learn how the infamous Captain Zap changed the clocks of the telephone system to give discount rates to all subscribers. You will also be exposed to computer forensics shops set up by NYPD and Kroll Associates, as well as security monitoring centers from ISS. Read more.

    telephony tones

    This article lists known tones that occur on the telephone line. Tones include the ones generate by the phone company, consumer products (e.g. answering machines, faxes, etc.), dialup services, etc. Read more.

    warrock protocol analyzer

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    DateJanuary 1st, 2009

    Warrock Protocol Analyzer decodes encoded traffic generated by a popular game Warrock. Using this tool, you can study the protocol, intercept login and password in clear text, use as a foundation for active attacks. You need Scapy for this script to work. Read more.

    port scanning

    Discovering open ports on a networked system is an important reconnaissance step used to enumerate potentially vulnerable services. In this article you will learn a number of techniques used to perform fast and reliable port scans while bypassing many trivial defenses. Read more.


    nmap (Network MAPper) is a network port scanner with service version and operating system detection engines. The tool was originally developed by Fyodor and published in Phrack Issue 51 in 1997. The tool is command line although a number of GUIs exist. nmap runs on a variety of platforms including Linux, *BSD, Windows, and others. Read more.

    solar sunrise

    FBI made documentary about a series of attacks targeting military computers in February 1998. The documentary covers how Ehud Tenenbaum aka "The Analyzer" and two Californians were identified and later prosecuted for these attacks. Read more.


    hping is a TCP/IP packet forging tool with embedded Tcl scripting functionality. Developed by antirez in 1998, it is now in its 3rd release. The tool runs on all major operatings systems including Linux, *BSD, and Windows. Read more.

    caesar cipher

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    DateJuly 4th, 2008

    An exercise in decrypting of shift-based ciphers. Supports frequency analysis and brute force mechanisms for decryption. Read more.