• I am pretty excited that my article on the Tor Control Protocol was published in the Winter 2009-2010 issue of the 2600 Magazine. The article discusses several advanced uses of Tor privacy tool including interaction with Tor's local control server, manual and automatic custom circuit creation. One of the motivations for the research into advanced circuit creation was to speed up Tor's operation by choosing faster circuits or reducing the number of hops. By reading the article, you will learn how to create really fast one-hop Tor circuits. On the other hand, the same techniques can be used to potentially increase your privacy by creating large circuits going through select countries or continents.

    As part of my presentation during one of the SF2600 meetings, we were running a competition to create the largest possible usable circuit while drawing various shapes with circuit lines across the world. The record was 15 circuits with more than a minute communication latency. I invite you to challenge yourself by trying to beat this record.

    The article is also available in the Research section of the site.


    walk on the wild side

    A documentary on the UK underground scene. Read more.

    tor nodes

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    DateAugust 27th, 2011

    Enumerates IP addresses of Tor nodes by querying Tor client. Read more.

    tor control protocol

    Tor implements a highly customizable control protocol which can be used to tune almost all aspects of its operation. In this article you will learn how to fine tune Tor client's operation, query runtime information, as well as create circuits of arbitrary size. Read more.

    tor autocircuit

    Download tor-autocircuit-0.2.tar.gz
    Size 37.9 KB
    DateOctober 28th, 2010

    Tor Autocircuit automatically creates Tor circuits according to a predefined set of rules (e.g. geolocation, number of hops, etc.). This script requires TorCtl python library Read more.


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