• An article in the Phrack 49 by Aleph One (Elias Levy) discussion buffer overflow vulnerabilities. The article is notable for being the first comprehensive public discussion of the vulnerability as well as techniques used to exploit the vulnerability.

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    corelan - tutorial 3b - exercise solution

    A solution to the MP3 Studio exercise at the end of the Exploit Writing Tutorial Part 3b by Corelan Team. The solution illustrates a sample buffer overflow exploitation of a Windows application. Read more.

    01 oct
    exodus - vuln-dev - master class

    A few weeks ago I had a great pleasure of studying at a week-long training taught by Exodus Intelligence. The Vulnerability Development - Master Class was taught by Aaron Portnoy, Zef Cekaj, and Peter Vreugdenhil. The class had an excellent presentation of two complementary yet unique subjects of vulnerability discovery and exploit development primarily under Windows environment. The instructors are truly masters of their field which was reflected in the great quality and depth of the material.

    While it is still fresh in my mind, I would like to share with you some of the notes on the covered subjects, the recommended prerequisites, and tips on how to get the most out of this very intensive training. Read more.

    corelan - tutorial 9 - exercise solution

    A solution to a small exercise in Corelan's Tutorial 9 on writing Windows 32-bit shellcode. The solution illustrates some techniques in removing null-bytes from a sample shellcode as well as a few tricks to keep the shellcode modular and easy to modify. Read more.

    hackers 95

    Hackers 95 is an independent documentary by Phone-E and RF Burns shot during the summer of 1995. The documentary covers hacker happenings during that summer including Summercon and Defcon III. There are plenty of interviews and random clips from these two conferences. The documentary also includes a separate segment on Area 51 as well as a Secret Service press release on Operation Cybersnare. Read more.


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