• The first issue of Phrack electronic-only magazine is published on Metal Shop BBS by Taran King and Knight Lightning (Craig Neidorf). The magazine continues to have a significant impact on the hacker community by being both the source of excellent technical content and the voice for the hacker culture. During its almost three decades of existence, the magazine published a number of notable articles including Smashing The Stack For Fun An Profit, Hacker Manifesto, and many others.

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                                    ==Phrack Inc.==
                         Volume One, Issue One, Phile 1 of 8
    Welcome to the Phrack Inc. Philes.  Basically, we are a group of phile writers
    who have combined our philes and are distributing them in a group.  This
    newsletter-type project is home-based at Metal Shop.  If you or your group are
    interested in writing philes for Phrack Inc. you, your group, your BBS, or any
    other credits will be included.  These philes may include articles on telcom
    (phreaking/hacking), anarchy (guns and death & destruction) or kracking.  Other
    topics will be allowed also to an certain extent.  If you feel you have some
    material that's original, please call and we'll include it in the next issue
    possible.  Also, you are welcomed to put up these philes on your BBS/AE/Catfur/
    Etc.  The philes will be regularly available on Metal Shop.  If you wish to say
    in the philes that your BBS will also be sponsering Phrack Inc., please leave
    feedback to me, Taran King stating you'd like your BBS in the credits.  Later
                                                TARAN KING
                                                2600 CLUB!
                                             METAL SHOP SYSOP

    External Links and References


    hackers 95

    Hackers 95 is an independent documentary by Phone-E and RF Burns shot during the summer of 1995. The documentary covers hacker happenings during that summer including Summercon and Defcon III. There are plenty of interviews and random clips from these two conferences. The documentary also includes a separate segment on Area 51 as well as a Secret Service press release on Operation Cybersnare. Read more.

    11 aug
    smashing the stack for fun and profit

    An article in the Phrack 49 by Aleph One (Elias Levy) discussion buffer overflow vulnerabilities. The article is notable for being the first comprehensive public discussion of the vulnerability as well as techniques used to exploit the vulnerability. Read more.


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