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    1971 june

    tap / yipl magazine

    The first issue of YIPL (Youth International Party Line) magazine was printed and distributed freely by by the YIPPIEs founder Abbie Hoffman and "Al Bell". The magazine was later renamed to TAP (Technological American Party or Technological Assisstance Program). Its mission was to disseminate information on fighting monopoly, specifically Ma Bel. Read more.

    1971 october

    secrets of the little blue box

    An article by Ron Rosenbaum published in the October 1971 issue of the Esquire magazine.The article has shown how Blue Boxing could be used to get control over telephone company's switching equipment. It contains interviews with Captain Crunch, Joybubbles and several other phone phreaks. The article helped popularize the phone phreaking culture. For example, after reading the Esquire article, Steve Wozniak aka "Berkeley Blue" built and sold blue boxes to help fund his other pet project - Apple I. Read more.

    1981 september

    12 sep
    chaos computer club

    Chaos Computer Club (CCC) was founded by Wau Holland and others. Read more.

    1984 july

    01 jul

    Neuromancer is a novel by William Gibson which gained a cult following for its dystopic cyberpunk imagery of the future. Read more.

    1985 november

    17 nov
    phrack magazine

    First issue of Phrack magazine is published. Read more.

    1996 august

    11 aug
    smashing the stack for fun and profit

    An article in the Phrack 49 by Aleph One (Elias Levy) discussion buffer overflow vulnerabilities. The article is notable for being the first comprehensive public discussion of the vulnerability as well as techniques used to exploit the vulnerability. Read more.

    2011 february

    05 feb
    hbgary compromise

    HBGary Federal website and email server were compromised by the group Anonymous in retaliation to its CEO, Aaron Barr, threatening the group with revealing their true identities. Read more.