ida patcher

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DateMarch 24th, 2014

IDA Patcher is a plugin for Hex-Ray's IDA Pro disassembler designed to enhance IDA's ability to patch binary files and memory. The plugin is useful for tasks related to malware analysis, exploit development as well as bug patching. IDA Patcher blends into the standard IDA user interface through the addition of a subview and several menu items. Read more.

ost introduction to re - bomb lab secret phase

A walkthrough for the Secret Phase of the Bomb Lab covered in Open Security Training's Introduction to Reverse Engineering class. Read more.

nlxx crackme solution has a nice of collection crackmes, fun and educational challenges useful for honing your reversing skills. Looking at the latest submissions section there was a recently published Crackme by nlxx rated at difficulty 2. In this guide I will go over the static analysis based solution to this crackme and explain how to write a key generator. Read more.

ost introductory x86 - buffer overflow mystery box

A walkthrough for the Mystery Box Buffer Overflow challenge in the Open Security Training - Introductory x86 class. Read more.


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